My top 8 things to know at the beginning of a breastfeeding journey!

As we have been celebrating World Breastfeeding Week I thought I would share some amazing bits of information I wish I had known when I began breastfeeding Aoife. 20 months in and I have learnt a lot but those first few months were a massive learning curve!

World Breastfeeding Week is a vibrant global movement for action to promote, protect and support breastfeeding by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. It expands and connects the power of one with the power of many. Only by working together can we make the change we need”   – Dato'(Dr.) Anwar Fazal, Chairperson Emeritus, WABA and Director, Right Livelihood College. 

My first tip is one that I feel is very important, particularly from a personal point of view.

1. Arm yourself with as much reputable information as you can. Visit breastfeeding support groups during pregnancy and be aware that some healthcare professional will have varying levels of experience and knowledge on breastfeeding. From my personal experience it varies from each person. But I had midwife in hospital that was very quick to shove (what I now know were unnecessary) artificial milk top ups down my newborn daughter!

2. Little and often for feeds their tummy is only tiny. The first day a baby’s stomach is only about the size of a cherry and by about 10 days only the size of an apricot.

3. Every baby is different. Try not to get into a habit of comparing your baby to another.

4. Make sure you have plenty of drinks lined up before a feed starts! Breastfeeding is thirsty work!

5. Cluster feeding is normal! It can happen at any point during a 24 hour period but don’t worry that something is wrong if baby begins to feed for a few hours on end. They are getting their orders in!

6. When it comes to pumping it is advised to wait until at least after the first 6 weeks as this tends to be around the time milk supply regulates. If expressing using a breast pump before 6 weeks you run the risk of building an oversupply (you’re breasts make more milk than needed). Also don’t worry too much if you don’t respond too well to a pump. It does not necessarily mean you have no milk. Babies are much more efficient at getting to the milk they want!

7. Don’t give up on a bad feed. A better feed is so often around the corner. I had to remind myself this often in the early days. I fed through cracked nipples and discomfort (thanks to what I now know was a shallow latch!) Through sheer determination. And think there are a few others out there the same! It will get better!

8. Make yourself aware of your baby’s feeding cues. Crying is the last sign to be looking for. You need to get to baby before that if possible as it will make the beginning of the feed easier! First cues to look for often include rooting towards the breast, sticking tongue out, hands going towards mouth and making little noises.

Also as a bonus tip. I always liked to remind myself that milk production is like a river. Always flowing.

Thank you for reading! 

Siobhan x

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Project 52 2017 23/52 & 24/52

A photo of my baby every week for a year.

Aoife Louise, 1 Year (18 Months)

I have combined last weeks and this weeks post as due to a family bereavement it slipped my mind!


One of my favourites from our holiday the other week! Aoife found a new love for slides! Having previously been terrified of them she is now mad for them!


You know when you get those pangs of “omg where did my baby go”. This photo does that to me!

Sun, Sand and Toddler Meltdowns – Holiday 2017

Its official. It has been a week since we got back from our 2nd ever family holiday with Aoife. This year we went to a lovely little town called Croyde, in North Devon with my parents, my brother, brother’s girlfriend and her 2 year old son. We all stayed in the same caravan, it wasn’t bad at all and it was (thankfully) a lovely large caravan!

I am writing this post after soaking in a pink bath (thanks Lush) for around two hours. Now I don’t normally spend that long in the bath but I am pretty tired today! And the final straw of Aoife has a hysterical crying fit at the bath I ran for her because she wanted to go to bed instead  (I know this because when I asked “would you like to go to bed” she hysterically replied “yes” and frantically pointed in the direction of the bedroom) which then lead to her refusing to put a nappy on and having a wee on the bed…. RIGHT WHERE MY HEAD GOES! So yeah I just enjoyed a long soak! 

Tonight’s saga of toddler emotions reminded me a lot of our holiday antics! By holiday antics I mean certain behaviours that Aoife displayed that showed she was well and truly in the depths of toddlerhood! I also realised on this holiday how much I was missing! Being a working mum can be hard!

Anyway back to the holiday and toddler meltdowns! It was a great start weather wise. We arrived in Devon after a pretty good journey (in terms of Aoife sleeping) and the sun was shining! Although that turned out to be the most sun we would probably get, the weather wasn’t the best for the rest of the week but I’ll be honest it was just nice to be somewhere other than home and away from work for a week.

That first day we took a stroll down to the beach. Aoife loves sand so the beach must of looked amazing to her! I can just imagine what she was thinking: “Holy crap! A giant sandpit! Yummy!”. That’s right… yummy… my toddler likes to apparently lick the sand from between her toes after a walk on the beach… yeah, she’s gross.

We had a lovely day of sun the following day so had a beach day! Again Aoife had lots of fun shovelling sand into her mouth!

On the mega rainy day we visited a indoor playzone called Funderzone! Fun was had by all including my parents who enjoyed the soft play as much as the toddlers! We also visited a local attraction called The Big Sheep. A farm type family attraction with lamb feeding, duck trials, sheep dog trials, “Devons biggest rollercoaster”, a tractor safari ride and a barn full of farm animals and their babies! The biggest highlight of that barn of mummy animals; the pig feeding about 11 piglets! Hats off to you mamma pig! 

We attempted a visit to the swimming pool on our caravan site on one of the days which resulted in the biggest meltdown from Aoife. Apparently, Aoife does not like swimming. She does, however, like softplay so thank god for the onsite soft play! I don’t think I have ever spent so much time in soft play areas! Another perk to now being the parent of a toddler I suppose!

We also had lots of teething 😦 Aoife had 3 of her molars erupt whilst we were. I hate teething, there is nothing worse than your child being in pain and not being able to do anything to take it all away! Also the pain when she clamps down on my nipple during a feed is pretty sucky too!

I’ll leave you with my favourite photo from our holiday! Thanks for reading!

(P.S. just to add another mini meltdown occurred when she paddled into the water… gotta love a toddler!)

Project 52 2017 22/52

A photo of my baby every week for a year 

Aoife Louise, 1 Year (18 Months)

Anyone else have a mega cheeky diva? πŸ˜‚ This was after she woke me up by sitting on my head (possibly a downside to bedsharing ha ha). Aoife decided she was immediately tired again and needed a lie down πŸ˜‚

Apologies for the delay in posting we are on holiday and being the disorganised mother I am I didn’t plan ahead a scheduled post!

Anyhooo, thanks for popping by.

Siobhan x

18 months of motherhood

I think it is safe to say we are well into toddlerhood. My baby is now a toddler 😒 why does it fly by so quickly?? Oh and my toddler is well and truly toddling. I’m not going to lie she had me worried for a while that there was an underlying issue I had missed, but no from nowhere she just started running about after me at 17 months. I must say it did make me hold onto the baby stages! I think I would of been devastated if she had walked at 9 months or something πŸ™ˆ 

It never ceases to amaze me how much children can change in a small amount of time and how rapidly they can pick up new skills!

Since my last update Aoife has learnt to walk, climb and is pretty much running now! She also has a good repetoire of words building up including “stinky”, “reggie” (our cat) and “gone” complete with elaborate hand actions!

Another massive milestone for us was getting our “platinum” boobs! A whole 18 months of breastfeeding! I never imagined I would be feeding an 18 month old but now I can’t imagine not! Aoife loves her “googie” and I love having that time to reconnect with her if I have been at work all day! We are also still bedsharing. Like I said in my previous post we are going with the flow with the transition. Bedsharing works for us. It means I don’t have to get up in night if Aoife wants milk and that is a-okay with me!

Aoife has an ever filling mouth of teeth! (10 at my last count). They just seem to pop up from nowhere, I suppose I should just be thankful she doesn’t massively suffer with them! Aoife has discovered a love Mr Tumble on CBeebies, she gets ever so excited when it starts. She waves hello and does the signs along with him.

I do wonder what the next 6 months will bring for Aoife! But so far it has been a wonderful first 18 months of motherhood!

Thanks for stopping by!

Siobhan x

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Project 52 2017 21/52

A photo of my baby every day for a year.

Aoife Louise, 1 Year (18 Months)

Someone is developing a liking for ice cream πŸ˜‚ what a lovely week we have had! We’ve had lots of fun in the garden. I bought Aoife a water tray which has had more use than I thought it would! We also reached a milestone of 18 months breastfeeding πŸ™‚ but more on that in another post!

Thanks for stopping by!

Siobhan x

Project 52 2017 20/52

A photo of my baby every week for a year.

Aoife Louise, 1 Year (17 Months)

This little lady never fails to make me laugh. She was patiently waiting for myself and her dad to finish our dinner before we took her up to bed. Whilst she was waiting she grabbed her book, shouted to be lifted onto the sofa and pulled a blanket over herself and made herself comfortable πŸ˜‚ new words for this week include “stuck” and “gone” usually combined with extravagant hand actions.

Thanks for popping by!

Siobhan x