Living Arrows – 37/53 (2018)

β€œYou are the bows from which your children as Living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

Aoife – 2 Years, 9 Months

A totally accidental shot. Aoife sneezed as I tried to take a photo of her mucky, post-dinner face! Ended up being my favourite photo of the week!

Cassius, 8 Months Old

Absolutely love this onesie on Cassius! Really brings out the blue in his eyes! Both children have continued to settle in amazingly with the childminder! Which is always a relief to hear!

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Living Arrows


Living Arrows – 36/53 (2018)

β€œYou are the bows from which your children as Living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

Aoife, 2 Years 9 Months

It’s been a busy week for my two as my return to work meant that they started with a childminder. A big deal for us all as previously they have only ever stayed with family. I have been completely blown away with how well they have settled in! It has certainly made going to work easier!

Cassius, 7 Months

As I mentioned Cassius has also started with a childminder, with him being breastfed I wasn’t sure how he would cope for the 4 hours he wasn’t with. Apparently he copes just fine haha! A milestone for Cassius this weekend as he began to sit independently πŸ™‚

See you again next week for more Living Arrows πŸ’•

Siobhan x

Living Arrows

My 3rd Alopecia Awareness Month

It’s September already! This year seems to have flown by in a blur! Being September it is also now Alopecia Awareness Month. This is my third year of doing what I can to raise awareness.

This year a lot has happened. I saw my hair begin regrow and actually it got to quite a good length (despite there still being lots of evident patches), unfortunately it didn’t last and if I am completely honest I didn’t expect it to. I gave birth to my second child in January and not long after I had given birth, the hair began to fall out again. That is definately the most difficult part of this condition; seeing it all come out.

Also this year, I bought my first Rene of Paris wig (with thanks to family gifting me money for my birthday). I absolutely love it and it is the first wig I have owned that I truly feel comfortable in and can wear for hours without needing to whip it off!

In April of this year I also finally did something that I probably should have done a while ago; I got help for my mental health. I am currently on medication for Post Natal Depression. I won’t go into the details of that too much now as I plan to write another post when I feel ready! With the help of the medication I feel the happiest I have for a long time. Although at the moment it is linked to my postpartum stage, I should of sought help when my hair loss began. Alopecia isn’t a physically painful condition, but I am yet to speak to anyone with the condition that hasn’t been affected emotionally and psychologically!

Above is two of the reasons I try so hard to not be emotionally beaten by this condition. I do my best to be positive and show them that the way I look is okay. In fact, they aren’t phased by it and I feel truly wonderful when they beam at me and show they love me. If my hair loss had happened without these two around, I don’t know how I would have coped.

My family and friends are an amazing support network. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. My biggest support is Luke though. Without him my self esteem would be rock bottom. He is the reason I still sometimes feel attractive. It is so easy to lose yourself through hair loss and to be honest look has treated me the same as he has done for the last 10 years, no matter the changes to body, he still makes me feel beautiful πŸ’•

This year’s alopecia awareness months has the tagline #thisisme

So this is me… I may not be 100% about it yet but I will get there!

Siobhan x

Mum Muddling Through

The Return to Work

I have officially finished my maternity leave! I was definately ready to return to work, my brain needs something other than babies to keep it going! I have actually started a new position in a new place of work and rather than be nervous, I was very excited to get stuck in. The new team I am working with are lovely!

You may be wondering (or may not be but hey ho I am going to bore you with it anyway) what we are doing about childcare. I am only working afternoons Monday to Friday during term time, which is great compared to the long hours of my last position. Three of those five afternoons I have opted to send the children to a childminder, they will be with their Nanny for one and the final one will be spent at home with their Dad.

I was unsure of my decision to send the children to a childminder whilst I worked. I find I am hugely picking because I work in the sector but ultimately here were my reasons for choosing a childminder…

1. The home environment – I felt this was a particular benefit for Cassius.

2. On visiting the children that were already being cared for had such a lovely bond with the childminder.

3. The children would be together. This definately has made the transition to not being with me all day easier for them! The familiarity is important for them.

4. The childminder I chose is local. Literally a 10 minute walk from where I work and a 10 minute walk the other way to our house! So I feel comforted by the fact I am nearby if they need me or their Dad for any reason!

5. The childminder is also close to a park! So I know the children will benefit from time outdoors!

Anyway enough of my rambling about work! I’ll see you again soon!

Siobhan x

Living Arrows – 34/53 & 35/53 (2018)

β€œYou are the bows from which you children as Living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran


Aoife, 2 Years & 8 Months
I am a firm believer in allowing children to explore and take risks. Here, Aoife decided she wanted to go on the big slide. She climbed all the way to the top by herself, she did change her mind once she reached the top and climbed back down but I was very proud she wanted to give it a go.

Cassius, 7 Months

The park local to my parents has lots of inclusive outdoor play equipment and a particular favourite of ours is this swing. Cassius is not quite strong enough yet for the baby swings so he gets to have a go on this one instead. As you can see he did enjoy it!


Aoife, 2 Years & 9 Months

This weeks photo was taken as Aoife was walking into a local soft play. She looks so grown up here! I often wonder how my little baby girl can already be approaching 3 years old!

Cassius, 7 Months

This poor little guy has really been suffering with teething this week and yet still no sign of them πŸ™ˆ I’m really hoping they come through soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

See you again next week for more Living Arrows x

Living Arrows

Living Arrows (2018) – Playing Catch Up.

β€œYou are the bows from which you children as Living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

I have been rather neglectful of my blog in recent weeks and that is because I decided to take a bit of break from it for personal reasons.

I am back feeling refreshed and creative, so it was most definately worth the break. Obviously with taking a break I have missed quite a few weeks of Living Arrows devised by the lovely Donna over at What The Redhead Said

Welcome to The Baby Boat Diaries edition of Living Arrows!

W/C 9th July 2018- 28/53

Aoife, 2 Years 7 Months.

Aoife has been doing Ballet classes, at the same dance school I attended until my pregnancy with her, since May. She loves it and I was so incredibly proud of her during the awards session. She is a wonderful little dancer and was very proud of her bronze medal.

Cassius, 6 Months.

What can I say about this delicious little boy? He lights up my dark days that is for sure!

W/C 16th July 2018 – 29/53

Aoife, 2 Years 7 Months.

This girl is such a character. Here she is just casually wearing a bike helmet (and nothing else) whilst pretending to type on a keyboard.

Cassius, 6 Months.

Hands up if you think Cass is cute!

W/C 23rd July 2018 – 30/53

Aoife, 2 Years 8 Months

Cassius, 6 Months.

W/C 30th July 2018 – 31/53

Cassius, 6 Months

Aoife, 2 Years 8 Months.

W/C 6th August 2018- 32/53

Cassius, 7 Months

Aoife, 2 Years 8 Months

W/C 13th August 2018 – 33/53

Cassius, 7 Months

Aoife, 2 Years 8 Months

That’s it! Finally caught up and back on track!

Living Arrows

Cassius – A Six Month Update

That is right! I can hardly believe it myself, my little teeny tiny 5lb 4oz bubba is six months old!! It’s time for a little update on how my little squirt is doing!


Weight – I haven’t actually weighed Cassius for a few weeks now but last time I weighed him he was around 16/17lbs. Not bad for a little guy!

Clothes Size – Cassius is firmly in 3-6 months clothing at the moment, some of the smaller high street brands are getting tight but that is mainly to do with the cloth nappies! In the scandi clothing we favour he is a 62/62.

Shoe Size – No shoes yet!

Nappy Size – You may have seen in previous posts that we use reusable nappies with Cassius. At the moment Cassius is in Bambino Miosolo birth to potty nappies the majority of the day time. For our night time nappies we use the Tots Bots Bamboozles and Peenut Wraps.

Teeth – Cassius is well and truly teething bless him. He dribbles and gnaws on his hands (or anything he can get his hands on) constantly!

Favourite Things

  • Booby Cuddles – to get Cassius to sleep at the moment I have to be in a reclined position with him lying across my body! Literally the only way I can get him to nap unless he is in the car seat or pushchair!
  • Aoife – Cassius adores his big sister. She is guaranteed to be the one person that puts a smile on his face!
  • Nappy Free Time – Especially in this heat! Nothing makes Cassius happier than be able to wriggle around with the air getting to his bits!


  • Having a wet or soiled nappy – Generally if he is being grumpy it is because his nappy is wet or he has done a poo!
  • Getting stuck – Cassius has been rolling lots recently but I have noticed he gets quite irritable if he rolls into something and can’t figure his way back or if he gets frustrated that he isn’t going anywhere!


Cassius is very much a cat napper in the day time but I can’t complain he sleeps well at night. This is the opposite to Aoife! She was very much a 2-3 hour at a time napper and then up every 2-3 hours in the night. Cassius wakes once or twice at the moment!

Bedtime – Cassius doesn’t have a strict bedtime but he does tend to get tired around 8/8.30pm which is when I tend to take him up to bed.

Wake Time – It varies but generally speaking it will more often than not be between 6am and 8am. Morning time is my favourite, he is such a happy little chappy and just beams at me in the mornings.

Naps – Cassius doesn’t have set nap times at the moment. He normally has between 4-5 short sleeps a day. First one is normally around an hour after he wakes up.


Milk – Cassius is breastfed and in the current heatwave we are experience currently feeds approximately a gazillion times a day!

Food – Now Cassius is 6 months old I have begun to introduce him to some foods. I am following the same method as I did with Aoife – Baby Led Weaning. I’m in no rush with Cassius. He does not exhibit most of the signs of readiness (sitting up with support, tongue thrust, hand to mouth coordination) but he is enjoying gnawing on cucumber to soothe his gums.

Exciting Things This Month

As I mentioned above Cassius has begun having his first tastes of food. He is also a pro at rolling and gets about by doing so. He is an extremely happy, smiley baby and is becoming very social.

I will see you for the next update in 3 months!

Siobhan x