The Me and Mine Project (February 2018)

No fancy family portraits here! Just a quick selfie at the right time! Even managed to catch Aoife smiling (sort of).

What have we been up to this month you ask? Well I feel as though February had whooshed on by in the blink of an eye and it has been so cold (thanks to #thebeastfromtheeast)! We have managed a few days out, last week we went to a lovely little soft play and farm but unfortunately I didn’t get any photos because my phone battery died!

This month, Mummy has loved…

  • Cuddles with my babies, I dread to think of the day they won’t sit and cuddle me.
  • The latest series of Call the Midwife. It really is one of my favourites.
  • Sneaking off for a bath when I get the chance!

Daddy has loved…

  • His days off being spent with the children.

Aoife has loved…

  • Elmer the Elephant. I get asked to read it every bedtime.
  • The Boss Baby. The child is obsessed as soon as it finishes she asks for it again!
  • Building towers with her blocks and playing with her Plan Toys bees.

Cassius has loved…

  • Boob (obviously, and it’s starting to show! He is piling on the weight!)
  • Cuddles! Cassius is turning into a very snuggly baby.
  • Watching Aoife. Cassius is often caught staring at Aoife!

I wonder what March has in store for us!

Siobhan x

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


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