The Me and Mine Project (January)

I can’t believe January is over! That means the newest addition to our family is nearly a month old.

It’s been a miserable winter so far and I am so ready for some warmer weather… although my mother has informed we are en route for the coldest winter in 18 years or something like that haha.

The above photo was our first family photo taken after Cassius’s birth. In fact, I was still in the hospital!

This month, Mummy has loved…

  • Not being pregnant… I’ll be honest I was dreading another possible 6 weeks of being pregnant.
  • Rewatching Friends on Netflix.
  • Getting to know my new little one.

Daddy has loved…

  • His new computer screen (the third addition to his computer set up haha)

Aoife has loved…

  • Her new baby brother.
  • Any film with a minion in it.
  • Pretend play with her dolls.

Cassius has loved…

  • Boob.
  • Sleep.
  • More boob.

Roll on February!

Siobhan x

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


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