Likes and Loves of January 2018

January… the month of being poor as you catch up from overspending at Christmas (or at least is the case for me Haha!)

I certainly didn’t expect my January to turn out like it did though! I expected to be heavily pregnant throughout January as my due date grew closer and closer (15th February fyi) instead I’ve spent January getting into the swing of being a mum of two as apparently baby wanted to come six weeks before due date!

So my main highlight from the month is the birth of my second child, my baby boy Cassius πŸ’š

There isn’t much else to report from this month but I think you’ll agree it is quite the highlight to have!

A Cornish Mum

7 thoughts on “Likes and Loves of January 2018

  1. Oh what lovely photos and he is so dinky! Six weeks early must have been a surprise, but there is no beating this monthly ‘love’, honestly aren’t newborn cuddles the best?!

    Thank you for linking up with #LikedandLoved!

    Stevie x

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