The Siblings Project (January 2018)

I had always intended to join in with The Siblings Project this year, although I didn’t think I would be joining in until next month as baby wasn’t due until mid February!

Cassius was born at the beginning of the month and well and truly sent us all into shock (he was born at 34+1 weeks gestation). Despite the shock of her baby brother’s early arrival, Aoife is adjusting well! She shows care and love for him already. The biggest shock for her is having to share “googie” with him, which is what Aoife calls nursing. But they have had some beautiful moments when she has held his hand whilst they are both feeding! Made my heart melt! I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops over the next month!

I couldn’t pick just one sibling photo this month

See you again next month!

Siobhan x

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


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