Living Arrows – 3/53 (2018)

You are the bows from which you children as Living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

The last couple of years I have done my own version of Project 52, this year I decided to join in with Living Arrows devised by Donna over at What the Redhead Said.

The Living Arrows project will comprise of me sharing a photo of displaying childhood from both Aoife and Cassius’ life each week!

You may have noticed I have changed it to out of 53 weeks, that is because there is an extra Monday this year and not because I don’t know how many weeks there are in a year!

This week has been a rather quiet week compared to last weeks Living Arrows, as we have tried to settle into home life with two little ones. In all honesty, Cassius has just slotted in. Aoife on the other hand has been a bit challenging but I empathise some big changes happened very suddenly!

Welcome to The Baby Boat Diaries edition of Living Arrows!

Aoife – 2.1 Years Old

After feeling a bit cabin fevered we all took a walk out together to the local Aldi. We decided to take Aoife to the little park on the way but unfortunately a lot of the stuff was wet! She did enjoy splashing in muddy puddles and playing on the seesaw with Daddy though!

Cassius – 10 Days Old

This little gem has definately slotted right into the madness of home life with Aoife. Obviously being this young he sleeps and feeds and occasionally has wide eyed moments like the one above! According to midwife checks he lost 8.3% of his birth weight (5lb4oz to 4lb15oz) at his 5 day check but on Saturday he had gone back up to 5lb 1oz! Yay for boobs!

I did say last week to look out for a birth story but haven’t yet finished that one but I hoping to post it on Thursday to celebrate two weeks of Cassius being here!

Living Arrows


7 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 3/53 (2018)

    1. My milk came in quite quickly this time around! I’m not sure if it was because I am also feeding Aoife still though xx


  1. Wow, he is tiny. Congratulations, and lovely to hear he is doing so well and gaining weight nicely. The cabin fever is so real, even just getting out and about for 10 minutes instantly helps you feel better xx

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    1. Thank you 💚 i’m hoping i’ll be able to cope going out when my partner goes back to work! Xxx


  2. Oh bless him! I almost forgot how squishy little babies are. And it’s so frustrating when play equipment is wet – we used to shove a towel in the pushchair! x

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