Project 365 – 2/52

As part of my goal to take more meaninful photos and get more involved in blogging linky’s, this year I am taking part in project 365.

Project 365 involves taking a photo everyday and then sharing a weeks worth of photos at the end of every week. Here we have week 2…

Day 7 – 7/1/18

2 days after the birth of Cassius, it was discovered he was a bit jaundice. Aoife came with Luke to visit us at the hospital. She is completely smitten and couldn’t stop looking at baby! 

Day 8 – 8/1/18

Day 4 in hospital following Cassius’ birth! It was a bit of a lonely one to be honest with you as I didn’t really have any visitors, and really missed seeing Aoife and Luke! 

Day 9 – 9/1/18

After what felt like forever we finally came home from the hospital! Luke had set up the Next-to-Me crib ready but Cassius is looking very lost in it! 

Day 10 – 10/1/18

Managed to get both of the babies asleep and settled 😍 yay for boobs!

Day 11 – 11/1/18

My first venture out since Cassius’ birth. We went for a stroll down to the local park and popped into Aldi for some bits. I definately felt it after 🙈 you forget how long it takes to body to heal and be able to do the things you used to do!

Day 12 – 12/1/18

Some attempt to get a nice sibling photo! Aoife wanted to hold him by herself! 

Day 13 – 13/1/18

A post party, tired toddler face!

Thanks for popping by!

See you again next week, 

Siobhan x


10 thoughts on “Project 365 – 2/52

  1. welcome home and it is nice to get home and to stop missing the rest of the family. Great to get them both to sleep at the same time. Think we all try to do too much to soon which does us no long term favours.
    Love the face in the last picture.

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