Living Arrows – 2/53 (2018)

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

The last couple of years I have done my own version of Project 52, this year I have decided to join in with Living Arrows devised by What The Redhead Said.

Living Arrows will comprise of me sharing a moment of childhood from Aoife’s life each week, and will include Baby Boat 2 a.k.a. Cassius from this week seeing as he decided to arrive 6 weeks earlier than expected!

Week 2 of 2018 has certainly been a busy week full of surprises so not only do I have an image of Aoife to share with you, I also have a photo of Baby Boat 2; our little Cassius!

Welcome to The Baby Boat Diaries edition of Living Arrows.

Aoife, 2.1 Years Old.

Here we have Aoife attempting to fit in the cot at the hospital 😂 the little angel has coped so well with all the change thrown at her! Cannot wait to get home and catch up on cuddles with her!

Cassius, 3 Days Old.

My teeny tiny little man made his entry earthside this week, only 5 weeks and 6 days before his expected due date! We are still in hospital at the moment but he is a little trooper and has taken to the breast like a little champ! Look out for a birth story post hopefully at some point this week!

Living Arrows


5 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 2/53 (2018)

  1. Congratulations! Glad to hear he’s doing great and that Aside is adapting to her new role as a big sister so well. That picture of her in the cot is adorable

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