My Top Blog Posts of 2017

What better way to round up 2017 than by having a look at which posts you lot appeared to enjoy the most! There are a lot of posts relating to breastfeeding on this haha! What can I say it has been a big part of my life the last two years!
1. In the number one spot, from September we have “Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: What it’s Been Like For Me so Far”

The title is pretty self explanatory, this post discusses continuation of breastfeeding throughout pregnancy. Just to add I am now 33 weeks and A is still showing NO sign of stopping! Tandem feeding here we come!

2. In November I wrote about reaching our “goal” of breastfeeding for two years! Woo Diamond Boobies!

3. In February I wrote about being proud and uniting with other mother’s that continue to breastfeed “older” babies!

4. One to break up the breastfeeding posts! In May, I wrote some more about living with alopecia.

5. This one is from a couple of weeks ago! I wrote about beginning maternity leave and included a little list of things I’d like to do before Baby Boat 2 arrives!

6. In November, I shared a post detailing my reasons for trying reusable menstrual products!

7. In February I wrote about A’s first visit to the theatre to see Mr Bloom’s Live Tour.

8. January saw me writing about celebrities who have been very open about breastfeeding!

9. In August, I shared another post about breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week talking about things I had wish I known when A was a newborn.

10. And finally, in January I spoke about car seat and safety and it’s importance!


Siobhan x

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5 thoughts on “My Top Blog Posts of 2017

  1. Such a great way to capture your highlights from the last year and I can see why breastfeeding has been such an important part of your 2017. It sounds as though you have enjoyed a fantastic breastfeeding experience! Happy New Year lovely. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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