Project 52 2017 – 49/52

A photo of my baby, every week for a year.

Aoife, 2 Years Old

I couldn’t decide which was my favourite photo this week, so have two!

I very rarely use a highchair for Aoife these days and when possibly if we eat out I sit Aoife on the bench next to me! Here she is drinking from a proper glass with a straw (i’d forgotten her beaker) she loved it! Never seen her drink so much water in one sitting!

My second photo for this week is Aoife looking at some (of the many) Christmas decorations at my parents house 😍

Thanks for stopping by!

See you again next week,

Siobhan x
Renovation Bay-Bee


2 thoughts on “Project 52 2017 – 49/52

    1. Thank you! They are the first thing she goes for when we visit! Hopefully she won’t miss them too much when the decorations go away!


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