Project 52 2016 – A Year in Review!

Our babies grow up so quickly that I thought I would take this opportunity to see the changes in Aoife over 2016! Enjoy!

January 2016

As we entered the new year Aoife was still what I would class as a newborn. She was 6 weeks old and loved her booby! It was during this month that Aoife rolled from her tummy to her back at 7 weeks old! (And scared the life out of me!)


February 2016

As we enter February Aoife has just turned 10 weeks old and is becoming more aware of her surroundings! (Booby is still her favourite thing… to be honest even now it’s what she loves most!) It was also during February that I started using cloth nappies! I can’t believe I waited 12 weeks! Also during February we reached 3 months of exclusively breastfeeding!


March 2016

Entering March Aoife is 14 weeks old. It was during March that we began bedsharing, as Aoife hit the dread 4 month sleep regression phase!



April 2016

As we enter April Aoife is now 18 weeks old (4.5 months!) by this age she enjoyed sling cuddles, booby (of course!) and rattles! She also discovered her voice this month! Aoife also mastered rolling from her back to her front (nappy changes became fun!)



May 2016

As we enter May we enter Aoife’s 6th month of life! Meaning we made it to 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and started our baby led weaning journey!



June 2016

During June we went on our first family holiday! The weather was super good to us and Aoife went to the beach and swimming for the first time!


July 2016

In July Aoife began to sit up by herself! And her first teeth started to come through! We also had our first family wedding of the Summer.

August 2016

August saw Aoife being a flower girl for the first time (not that she understood haha much more interested in booby, of course!) I also went back to work at the end of August (boohoo!)

September 2016

September came and Aoife continued to be beautiful (cheeseballs but who cares? she is beautiful!)

October 2016

October came and Aoife learnt to crawl! She also began to follow me everywhere!

November 2016

In November it was Aoife’s 1st Birthday. We celebrated with friends and family at a party. Her first birthday was spent on a day out with Mummy and Daddy in Birmingham!


December 2016

Finally, December. My baby has changed in the blink of an eye, but here is to many more memories being made!

Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!

Siobhan x





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