Project 52 2016 – 52/52

A photo of my baby every week for a year

Aoife Louise (1 Year, 13 Months)


 Here is Aoife on Christmas Day (her 2nd Christmas!) enjoying her main present from her Daddy and I. She loved it! (Thank God!) Also in this photo you can see her clutching onto her Tickle Me Laa Laa that she got from her Great Uncle. Other favourite Christmas gifts include a Lullaby Iggle Piggle from her Nanna and Grandad, a push along Giraffe from her Great Grandma and a puzzle from her Great Aunty!

That’s it from Project 52 2016 here at The Baby Boat Diaires but alas, I have good news for you! I have enjoyed Project 52 that much I will be doing it again next year! First installment will be 8th January 2017! See you then! (Look out for Project 52 year in review coming soon!)

Thanks for reading,

Siobhan x