#12daysofparenting16 – 12 Ways to Wrap Up Warm this Winter!

I always struggle with what I can wear to keep warm so for fun here are some ideas of items to keep you warm this winter! Yes they will be obvious, no I do not care it’s fun to write haha!

  1. Hats. Now hats are a biggie for me, this is my first Winter being a baldie and I sometimes forget that I don’t have hair!
  2. Gloves. I always forget about gloves! Especially in my car! I have an old car and the steering wheel gets bloomin’ cold!
  3. Scarves. I personally always go for a nice thick scarf! I hate getting a cold neck!
  4. Coats. An important one.
  5. Long Johns/Thermal Leggings. I always forget about keeping my bottom half warm!
  6. Babywear! In all seriousness I am always warm and snug when the little human is on my front!
  7. Put the heating on. I know it can be pricey but sometimes needs must! Especially when it’s been as cold as today!
  8. Hot Water Bottles. A great invention for keeping warm in bed!
  9. Ear Muffs. For extra ear warming protection.
  10. Blankets. To keep snuggly on the sofa!
  11. Dressing gowns. To keep toasty about the house!
  12. Slippers. To keep them tootsies warm at home!

A random one I know but at least you know how to stay warm!

Thanks for reading,

Siobhan x