#12DaysofParenting16 – 12 Hopes, Dreams and Wishes for 2017

Welcome to the final installment of #12daysofparenting16. As we prepare for another year (was it me or did 2016 just fly by?!) here are my hopes, dreams and wishes for 2017.

  1. I am hoping to at least get some of the bits and bobs I want doing around the house sorted! It could do with a good lick of paint in all the rooms, the kitchen and bathroom could do with being updated and we finally need to sort out Aoife’s bedroom! I love co-sleeping but would like my room back (obviously she is welcome in our bed any time though!)
  2. I currently drive a 2000 plate Fiesta Zetec which has only 3 doors and is just not a great family car. With hopefully more children in the pipeline I would like to upgrade this year (hopefully before the end of the year!) The dream car would be a Nissan Qashqai! They are lovely!
  3. I got promoted this year to Assistant Manager of a nursery. I am hoping to continue to do my best and succeed in a role that is very new to me!
  4. I am hoping to get some more interest in my blog! It is something I enjoy doing and after doing so quietly for a year its time to build up some more views!
  5. I hope for Aoife to have an amazingly healthy and happy year 🙂
  6. I hope to appreciate Luke a bit more for all he does for our family. I will admit I can be a bit harsh and a moaner!
  7. I hope to spend a bit more time with both of our families 🙂
  8. I hope to reconnect with friends that I have lost touch with slightly.
  9. I hope to continue to better myself and maybe even reapply for my Masters.
  10. I hope to take a bit more time for me to relax and not think about cleaning, work or being mum!
  11. I hope to be able to use my Breastfeeding Peer Supporter training and volunteer more.
  12. Finally, and this is a biggie for me (and probably too hopeful) I hope to make the right changes to see a bit of regrowth. Alopecia has kicked my confidence to a pulp and despite the brave face it would be really nice to feel like me again.

Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x