#12daysofparenting16 – 12 Things to Do Between Christmas and New Year

I don’t know if it just me but time seems to become unapparent during the week between Christmas and New Year and I have no idea what day it is! Here is my list of 12 things to do during this period!

  1. Go on long, wintry walks wrapped up warm and snuggly. I always enjoy walking in the Winter. The air is always so crisp and fresh.
  2. Snuggle up and watch the many films that are on TV!
  3. Organise all the new gifts and find places for them in your house.
  4. Have a massive tidy up (I’m working my way through my house!)
  5. Spend time with family!
  6. Get the kids ready to go back to school (and yourself back to work if you work term time!)
  7. Eat all the Chocolate you undoubtedly got for Christmas! (this is also on my to-do list haha)
  8. Think of New Years Resolutions!
  9. Organise somewhere to celebrate New Years Eve!
  10. Plan ahead for Birthdays etc.
  11. Fill in your new years diary (This is one of my favourite things to do! I LOVE STATIONARY!)
  12. Enjoy the time off! (I keep avoiding thinking about returning to work!)

This is Aoife having a break from some of our family time today! (Balloon strategically placed by the baby)

Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x