#12daysofparenting16 – 12 Films to Watch on Boxing Day 2016

After the madness of Christmas Day chilling out is a must on Boxing Day and what better way to chill out than watching some family films! Here are my pick of 12 films to watch on Boxing Day! 

1. Any of the Harry Potter films! It is not the Christmas season without these films on the TV. 

2. Frozen. Gotta have a Disney in there and what better than an icy themed story! 

3. The Wizard of Oz. If you haven’t introduced your kids to this film now is the time!

4. The Gruffalo/ The Gruffalo’s Child – The Julia Donaldson story brought to life. Perfect for those with Toddlers!

5. Brave. The Disney Pixar film about a feisty Scottish princess is a must see on Boxing Day.

6. Groundhog Day. The classic Bill Murray film. A laugh for all the family.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. A magical story about a land through a wardrobe!

8. How To Train Your Dragon. One for kids and big kids alike!

9. Despicable Me. Who doesn’t love those loveable little yellow minions?

10. The Avengers (or any of the other Marvel superhero films) Just so it’s not all Disney and Cartoons!

11.Die Hard. Is it really Christmas without Die Hard on Christmas related film list?

12. And finally one of my favourites. Happy Feet 🙂 

Thanks for reading! Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas! 

Siobhan x