#12daysofparenting16 – 12 Acts of Kindness This Christmas Time

Christmas time is ultimately a time of giving and selflessness. Here are some ideas of acts of kindness this Christmas time…

  1. Donate unplayed with toys and unwanted items to your local charity shop.
  2. Donate food to a food bank.
  3. Create a shoebox for someone less fortunate.
  4. Donate knitted hats and other items to premature babies on the NICU.
  5. Buy a Big Issue!
  6. Buy a homeless person a cup of tea and and Sandwich.
  7. Visit a lonely elderly neighbour with a Christmas card and for a hot drink and chat.
  8. Make a stranger smile!
  9. Give up your place in a line.
  10. Help a neighbour out.
  11. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  12. Donate old books to those less fortunate.

There you go 12 ideas for acts of kindness this Christmas time 🙂

Siobhan x