#12daysofparenting16 – 12 Things I Love About This Time of Year!

Welcome to my first post with the #12daysofparenting16 collaboration, organised by A Novice Mum and Mummies Waiting.

My first post of the collaboration will start with; 12 Things I Love About This Time of Year!

  1. Christmas! This one surely goes without saying! Christmas always just seems like such a happy time of year! People are extra kind and send each other well wishes for the year! Plus lots and lots of family time (but more on that in 4 numbers time!)
  2. Wrapping up warm! As much as I appreciate the warmth of the summer sun, I burn very easily as I am very fair! I love everything about wrapping up warm, especially being snug and cosy! This time of year I am often found going the whole hog! Thick coat, scarf, hat, gloves and even ear muffs!
  3. Fresh Winter walks. There is just something wonderfully refreshing about being outdoors in the winter breeze, obviously minus the rain (that is not so wonderful to me!)
  4. Buying gifts. I really enjoy Christmas shopping! I have enjoyed it twice as much this year, especially as this time last year I had a 3 week old baby! I didn’t know morning from night and can barely remember Christmas Day!
  5. Extra family gatherings! Although ideally we should always make time for our families when you have a huge family with loads of aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins once removed (I could go haha!) it can be difficult to get everyone together! This is why I enjoy our annual family party (for my dad’s side of the family!) so much!
  6. Christmas lights on houses. Nothing cheers me up on a dark winter evening than seeing houses decorated with colourful, tacky Christmas lights all over their houses! 
  7. Christmas trees. The most anticipated event in the run up to Christmas day! Decorating the Christmas tree! 
  8. Candy Canes! It is no secret I am a massive sweet fiend and oh my goodness I do love a Candy Cane! 
  9. Christmas Cards. I love writing as it is but I really love making my Christmas card list and then ticking names of as I write their cards!
  10. Time off work! A lovely bonus to Christmas day! Getting time of that you didn’t request off months in advance!
  11. Warm, snuggly evenings at home. Heating on to warm the house, pyjamas on the body, Christmas film on the TV and a warm cup of tea! Bliss!
  12. The anticipation of a new year! I really love New Year! Compiling a list of hopes and wishes, new years resolutions and goals and wondering how far you’ll get! (What can I say, I like writing lists!)

Thank you for taking the time to read! I have really enjoyed writing my first #12daysofparenting16 post! It’s not too late to join!

A picture of my tacky silver tree to spread some Christmas cheer 🙂

Siobhan xx