Aoife – A 9 Month Update

For once I am posting one of these posts on the day I intended! Thank god I discovered scheduling a post! As of today Aoife is 9 months old! How the bloody hell did that happen! My baby is nearer to being a one year old than a newborn! Yet I still have the bloody emotional capacity of a woman with a newborn! In all seriousness I feel like crying! Tomorrow I start work, my maternity leave is officially over. My little bubble of baby groups and time at home is done (until the next one… pah!). Although I am looking forward to starting my new job, I am absolutely terrified of leaving my baby for full days (albeit only 3 a week but still!)

Not much has changed having reached our 9 month birthday! Aoife is still happily breastfed, no big changes there apart from the odd biting when her first tooth came through! Baby-Led weaning has worked amazingly for us, Aoife eats a healthy balance of meals and loves her food! She is an active and vocal baby, not crawling as of yet but definitely trying, she keeps getting up on her hands and knees and then doing a sort of “worm” type movement to get to anything! We are still bedsharing, I just love cuddles too much ha and we still haven’t upgraded her room from “dumping ground”!

In the last few months we have attended lots of weddings, Aoife was even a Flower Girl for the first time at her Uncle and Auntie’s wedding, which was absolutely beautiful. No other big, significant events. I am just wholeheartedly enjoying being a mum and hoping all goes well in our next step of me being a working mum!

I can’t believe in my next post like this I will be talking about my one year old! How insane! Right I had better sign off now before I start sobbing into my keyboard!

Thanks for reading!

Siobhan x