Cloth Bum Mum | A Week in Cloth Nappies Mini Series #7

A Mini-Series on Using Reusable Nappies

I have shared most of my favourite on the bum shots with you all now, so thought I would share with you my current wash routine and how easy and manageable it is!

At present I wash my nappies every 2/3 days. We go through approximately 4-5 nappies a day, plus one night nappy. At present on a wash day, I place all my nappies into the drum (poop and all) and give them a 20 minute cold rinse, I then add a dose of non-bio washing powder and miofresh powder and place on a 2hr 20 minute baby and toddler wash, followed again by a cold rinse. I then hang on the line rain or shine for a day or 2 to help get rid of any stains.

I also do a strip wash every couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading šŸ™‚ and hope this has been of some help to someone!

Siobhan x