Cloth Bum Mum | A Week in Cloth Nappies Mini Series #5

A Mini-Series on Using Reusable Nappies


Only 5 nappies this week, I’ve been rubbish at remembering to take photos!

1. Original Ladybird Ball Bambino Miosolo All-In-One
2. Flying Saucer Bambino Miosolo All-In-One
3. My Little Pony #2 Cheapie Pocket
4. Ladybird Ball (Aldi Special) Bambino Miosolo All-In-One
5. Minky Hearts Cheapie Pocket

There will be no “A Week In Nappies” next week as we are on a caravan holiday and opting to use disposables so I can relax rather than worry about washing. Put will continue once I am back 🙂

Siobhan x