5 Things I Have Learnt In My First 2 Weeks of Being a Mum

1. Sleep
Sleep is for the weak when you have a newborn that needs cuddles, feeding and changing. At the moment we are going bed about 11pm, little one has a feed and then goes in her crib. She sleeps till 3am and then again about 6.30am so we get about 4-5hours a night!

2. Nappies
Babies go through a ridiculous amount of nappies! Baby has her nappy changed after every feed! Every 2-3 hours! I have also been pooped on and she has done lots of wees on me also!

3. Going Out
Getting ready to go out takes forever! The other day when we were going out it took an hour from when we were initially ready before we left the house!

4. Breastfeeding
I am only 12 days into my breastfeeding journey with my daughter and I already couldn’t imagine feeding her any other way! Its free, quick and the health benefits are amazing! If you are able to breastfeed I couldn’t recommend it enough, for me personally it was a no brainer!

5. Love
A short one to finish. Nothing prepares you for the overwhelming love and need to protect you feel when you have a child.

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